FindFacts: Your Promising Mobile Sales Force Automation Company

The field of mobile sales force automation is mostly designed to focus on the automating and mobilization of the routine activities automatically of sales force, final representatives and customer executives in the market. The entire process isn’t easy for everyone to cover, but the things might change when you have Findfacts by your side for needful help.

We are here to help the entire IT sector with the main focus on connecting mobile based field sales force with the current corporate back office work. Our services help in ensuring robust, real time based comprehensive form of information between entities. This might result in end to end force management field, focusing widely towards the planning and execution integration of field based staff activities.

Catch up with our practice:

Our noteworthy service comes handy with business based critical information always on time. There are reasons for the growth of our name and being mobile sales force automation company. We have segmented under multiple heads for the sake of better understanding. Those areas are Marketing, BTL activities, Order taking and pre-sale activities, Customized form of feedback or surveys and even direct sales or the field of Van Sales Automation.

Our mobile sales force automation can be ported on the IOS and Android based operating systems. These are further compatible with HTML 5.0 browser and can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi Fi connectivity.

Work well on our services:

Being a well-designed mobile sales force automation company, we are here to help in maximizing the sales of a company in multiple innovative manners. It helps in making the field reps quite productive than before and efficient while connecting activities to mission critical procedures. However, before you head for the sales force automation service, it is time to get down to some of the must-have features to check in first.

  • Dealing with AL:

AL is currently changing the overall business look and helps corporations to scale faster and manage operations closely than ever. So, your sales force automation must have this point noted in the list.

  • We offer in-flight based analytics:

Moreover, the effective platform should have in-flight based analytics help. Metrics are designed to gather and sent back for analysis. After that, management needs to push instructions and strategies out to the field team for putting decisions into action.

  • We feed data and management dashboards:

The chosen sales force automation platform should be able to work on feed data and management dashboards. It must provide insights which are to be harnessed by managers and field representatives for improving results.

  • We aggregate metrics:

The reliable sales force automation should also aggregate metrics across various enterprises for offering strategic view of total sales operation for similar such insights.

Why Choose our SFA practices?

Sales happen to be the life of the business. Competing in this tough environment has made it important to upgrade the sales based software in cost effective manner and for pleasing results. With the growth of the processing power of PDA, mobile handsets and handheld devices, the cost of hardware is becoming cheaper with everypassing day. Therefore, we have seen a growth in the mobile version of SFA lately among our clients. We would like to help you to deploy newer technologies for lowering costs and saving time for benefitting companies directly. Some benefits ensure that we, at FindFacts have the best source for you.

  • Our mobile based sales force automation will work great forcovering requirements for most of banking sectors, confectionaries, healthcare, FMCG and even insurance.
  • Our global demand asmobile sales force automation company in the market has grown too. Some countries are always demanding SFA as the current market is picking it up really well.
  • We have mobile based SFA technique is rather noteworthy for improving the current performance and competence of the said mobile workforce. Our clients nowadays are asked to empower sales force, with current automation in sales procedures. It helps executives to be more efficient and know the market better within less time.
  • With the mobile based SFA categories, technologies have reached to a completely new height these days. People can now actually run for the mobile based technicality through their handheld devices.

We help you create checklist to follow:

Before you head for the best help under sales force automation under mobile version, we would like to create a checklist of your own. If your chosen platform has those covered, you are on the right track.

  • Working on Gamification
  • Dealing with guided selling
  • Working on image recognition and augmented reality
  • Dealing with mobile surveys and voice recognition
  • Fact based selling and visit management

Get to us right now:

Our mobile based sales force automation solely targets reps, totally focusing towards action and not primarily on details. The current app has recently dominated the world of CRM to a whole new level. However, there are some needed improvements in the mobile category. Just like with any other field, mobile sales force automation company is likely to cover up some advantages of using our mobile based practice.

  • You will receive real time sales management in terms of market returns, order entry and multi-level discounts
  • Product management and customer management will be covered bang on time
  • Advanced route planning and flexible configuration for trade survey management
  • Collection management with partial payment and stock management under stock count and stock requisition
  • Report management under collection summary, sales summary and scoreboard
  • Delivery order receipt and credit note printing with the help of mobile printer


  • For the smaller business, mobile based SFA might prove to add some bit of complexities. The greatest strength can sometimes turn out to be its greater weakness too.
  • It is hard for the smaller businesses to actually go for mobile sales force automation all the time because of the ever growing price.
  • On the other hand, if the agents lack the rightful skills sets for customizing or implementing the help desk solution, then you might end up with some add-on costs for businesses.

FindFacts: quality help by your side:

To cover your mobile based sales force automation services under set skills, FindFacts is the name to master already. This company started its journey in the year 2013 and its main function is to cover sales force automation and all field team based automation practices. It is located in India and house over 10K users already. There is a separate support and technical team, with 20+ members lately.

For any kind of help on mobile SFA practices, you can easily give a call to Sam Elangalloor, the CEO of this firm at 9676699600 or you can email him your queries at