Mobile Sales Force Automation Company: Helping Your Business To Reach Pinnacle Of Success

Sales force automation or SFA as generally known is a form of program, which helps in automating business tasks like sales processing, inventory controls, tracking customer interactions and even analysing sales forecast ad even performance. Businesses might have customized version of SFA, developed to match their needs. Apart from that, there are other increasing forms of sales automation software products, which can work for the better growth of a firm.

The SFA package comprises of an email package, web based database and a customized template. There is a three-tiered architecture, which is used for separating server, database and even application for reducing programming based demands on the clients. You can further take a module based design, used for helping business owners to customize packages, matching their needs well.

This platform helps in connecting every component of your business and permits you to consistent information stream with the help of multiple branches. SFA has been the standout among most of the indispensable parts of effective firms. General execution helps in standing as irreplaceable resource over here.

Features to get along with:

The features as procured from mobile sales force automation company are rather vibrant in nature. It is tailor made to match with most of the business routines, if not all. The features are sub-divided under major sectors:

  • Deals and customer management: If sales form a major part of your business, customer’s role cannot be given enough emphasis. The primary objective is CRM with some critical features to it. The benefits will help in turning sales rep more promising.
  • Contact management: You get the opportunity to procure compete view of customer contact details, past interactions, activity history and internal accounts discussion through this source. It helps in providing insights from social media platforms.
  • Leads: Leads form a major part of business, without which, sales might be in huge trouble. Sales force automation can help you in this regard by offering intuitive form of lead management system.
  • Productivity acceleration: SFA’s major strong hold is its ability to accelerate productivity with the help of cloud platform. Some handful of features will ensure drastic boost in productivity level, such as mobile, workflow and approval, inside sales console and more.

Benefits for now:

It is true to state that sales has been on road and includes awful lot of paperwork and even data entry once any salesperson returns to home office. This is when it is important to implement sales force automation software, which helps in converging with interest rate of the sales team. With the help from trained professionals from mobile sales force automation company, you get the opportunity to:

  • Monitor the work of your team as they are willing to do fieldwork
  • Mobilize the current resources in an efficient way without being tightly bound geographically
  • Ensure that important form of information does not get lost between the current meetings with customers and also return to office.
  • You are further going to enjoy on the go functionality with the help of this service and further gain access in field.
  • SFA hoses greater independence in world field for sure over here

Checklist to focus:

You happen to create a checklist before you actually go for the mobile sales force automation software from a reputed company. This checklist is primarily developed for connecting mobile field sales with corporate back office.

  • The software should create a robust, real time and comprehensive information flow to and fro between entities.
  • The end result needs to be automation application, currently focusing on integration of planning and execution of field based activities with business critical information availability.
  • The mobile software needs to be ported on OS compatible smart phones or tablets. It needs to be HTML 5.0 browser compatible for the handsets and even for Window mobiles.
  • Be sure to check on the connection to back office, especially through internet connection, GPRS, Bluetooth or Wi Fi.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Sales force is always an application platform, which will help in deployment and development of customized business applications, to be customized and configured into multiple ways. However, just with any other software, the services from mobile sales force automation company will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, before you get hands on one, be very sure of the idea right now.


  • Customization: There is wide range of report based widgets, which will help in analysing the performing of a company from various perspectives. Sales force will help in enabling quick customization for business processes and for multiple industries.
  • Cloud Solution: You get the chance to bring your company anywhere you go with the help of Cloud platform. Therefore, companies will now need fewer resources in office for running businesses. Each Employee get the chance to access CRM from around the globe.
  • Compatibility: No matter whatever browser your company use, major ones are widely compatible with sales force automation platform, such as Chrome, internet Explorer, Opera and more. IT will make it rather easier for you to use social media functions for helping your businesses find collaboration.


  • Well, it is true to state that sales force automation is a bit expensive, when it comes to customization.
  • Small companies might find it a bit hard to use because of its level of complexity.
  • You might end up with complicated technical support as sometimes it might take days to contact a trained professional for help.

Help from reputed sources:

FindFacts is a reputed mobile sales force automation company, known for offer sales force automation and some field service team. It started its venture in the year 2013 and has more than 10,000 users in India. There is a technical solutions and support team available, which are 20+ strong. The founders of this firm have been well-associated with the senior management experience across various industries in fields of sales and distributions, general management, IT and marketing.

This company is located in Hyderabad and can be reached by emailing at its official address at You can further contact the CEO of the company, Sam Elangalloor by calling at his official number at 9676699600.