Findfacts: Creating Sales Force Automation System For Your Business Growth With Ease

Are you planning for a big jump in revenues? You cannot just rely on any of the company for making ways to get CRM or SFA practices. Well, not anymore, especially when you have FindFacts by your side to offer help. It is the high time to learn more about sale force automation system and the importance it holds at this present moment, and we are so happy to help you on that. Through this SFA practice, you get the chance to not just grow your business, but also finding customers and even close deals at a faster rate.

We are into this field of SFA practices right from 2013 and have over 10,000 users, covering the whole of India.Our practice comprises of order processing, information sharing, contact management, inventory control and management. It further deals with order tracking, sales forecast analysis, customer management and even employee based performance evaluation.

We believe that SFA is also used as an interchangeable term with CRM. However, CRM might not always imply automation of the current sales tasks. Through this service, you get the chance to make CRM work harder for the reps. We work hard to help you track customers quicker and interactions under one platforms. There are in-line intelligence and best practices involved for helping moving along deals at a fast rate.

What are our features?

Thanks to our SFA, you get the chance to close more deals with collaboration, contact management, marketing tools and there are more to be added in the list. The size of the company does not matter over here, as our sales rep will have one common goal. The main aim of our company is to be a top performer and the sales force automation system company is here to help big time.

  • Contact and account management:

    Get the opportunity to procure complete view of customers, which include customer communicating, activity history, major contacts and internet discussions.

  • Opportunity management:

    Procure complete view of team and its deals with opportunity management. Get to see the competition, stage, quote, predicts and more through the same platform.

  • Lead management:

    You further get the chance to track leads right from start till close. You can also optimize campaign continuously across multiple channels. Get to make some smarter decisions regarding the areas to invest marketing amount.

What benefits we actually hold:

Now, you must be wondering more about the reasons to actually harp on our SFA practices, when the competition is tough. Instead of slogging for hours, you need to get the job done within less time. For that, our sales force automation system company is indeed what you should look for. But first, do not forget to check out some benefits!

  • We will help you to calculate hours through sales with the help of scheduled sales appointments. It is a perfect way to save some time. You get the chance to follow up leads through emails and even get to track contacts and update the current sales opportunities.
  • Thanks to our SFA software, you come to understand more about the past and present sales trends. You further get to learn about the opportunities relating to pipeline.
  • Our sales force automation is known to store information and order history of past customers. This can easily be used and effectively for improving prospects. It helps sales managers to analyze past sales information for understanding order pattern and customer’s demographics.
  • We are ready to help sales managers to learn more about the customer’s preferences towards their products or services. This will help better in creating present leads. On the other hand, marketing professionals can use the same metrics for creating some precise campaigns to attract specific group of people.

Helping you to create the perfect checklist:

You might have thought of getting hands on sales force automation software. But before you get to do that, making the right choice is absolutely necessary. Creating a checklist is what you need in this regard, and we are here to help you on that.

  • Our SFA software should have contact and account management.
  • Our source always focuses primarily on opportunity management, which will finalize in helping your business grow.
  • Catch up with us atsales force automation system company for lead management and its growth, from first till last.
  • It should work on the sales data too to procure right information at correct time.
  • We have an additional sales force mobile version, waiting for you to grab.
  • Our service should work on workflow and approvals at the same time.

Rightfully pros and cons:

Managing sales may not be that difficult when the size of company is small. However, when the sale starts to grow, it becomes hard to manage enlarged workflow and sales as effectively as you have asked for. It is primarily because of the sales tasks increment, region numbers, products and customers. That’s when you need our additional help under the name of sales force automation system.  But, you need to get down to the pros and cons first.


  • Our system will help sales managers to develop multiple tables, graphs and reports automatically. It prevents time consuming by avoiding manual collection of call sheets and other information.
  • It can help you to access order books easily and also work on stock positions, activity reports, and other sales info.
  • Thanks to our team and its statistical techniques and analytic based tools, managers get the chance to examine information and even add data automatically.


  • Our SFA software might be a bit expensive for smaller firms and may not be suitable for the start-up companies or entrepreneur at the initial stages.
  • The methodology is rather complex so better understanding is always required, when trying to use the software from its core value.
  • Data updating is an important task while handling SFA practices.

FindFacts -time for its help:

Whenever you are trying to get hold of the best sales force automation system company, FindFacts might be the one you can always rely on. This company started its work in the year 2013 and will cover more than 10000 users in India. The founders are associated with the senior management experience across various industries in the current field of sales and distribution, general management, marketing and IT.  For more details, keep numbers of Sam Elangalloor, the CEO handy. Call at 9676699600 or email at